Steps That Will Ensure You Succeed In Your Wedding Sand Ceremony


Doing a sand ceremony provides a great avenue for expressing a message of unity and bondage to family and friends. Including a sand ceremony on your wedding is an easy task that will not cost much. The following suggestions will help you get a perfect sand wedding ceremony. You should look for a smart set up where the guest will have a clear view of the ceremony without straining. The couple should stand to face each other with the official conducting the ceremony being in the middle facing the guests from a small table. The couple can also stand side by side and the officiate stand on one side. This will ensure that your guest will not strain following the wedding ceremony looking through your back as this will obstruct their view.

You need to set the scene with a jar of sand and a vase. The table should be small so that the guest can view the vase. You need to be careful of all the items you choose for your wedding so that you can choose the best. A good table cloth that will fit the table well will suit the occasion. You can plan to include flowers in your sand wedding by scattering rose petals on the table that is visual to the guests. A lot of decorations should be avoided as this will kill the theme of the wedding which is very crucial. The sand wedding should be made as interesting as possible and has everything you need to do this.

You need to consider the humidity of the location where the wedding will take place. The sand will clump when subjected to moisture. If the humidity of the place is high and there is a lot of moisture on the ground, your sand should be stored in an airtight container so that during the pouring of the sand the process will be smooth. This will reduce the mess. The sand that is intended to be used in the ceremony should be checked the texture to get rid of any lumps in the sand.

Work to ensure that you eliminate chances of a mess occurring during the pouring of the sand into the vessel. You can place a transparent funnel on top of the vessel to reduce an occurrence of an accident during the ritual. This will ensure the bride and groom pour the sand simultaneously without having any sand pouring on the ground. The funnel should be one that matches the vessel, and the official can volunteer to hold the funnel for you as you pour the sand into the vessel. You can click here and have extra sand with you and practice how the ceremony will be conducted to have minimal mistakes.

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