Features Of A Sand Wedding Ceremony


A wedding ceremony means the start of a new life that is filled with love and unity. During a marriage ceremony, some traditional rituals are observed in the ceremony. Adding traditional rituals into your wedding makes the wedding more special and meaningful. Having a wedding ceremony is a great choice for couples that want their families to be part of the wedding ceremonies. The idea of a sand wedding is not common to most people, and this makes it a unique idea to incorporate in one's wedding. It is more personalized to use sand in your wedding ceremony. It complements a beach wedding in a great way.

During a sand wedding ceremony, the sand is used to show the union of the bride and groom. One color is used that symbolizes the love and affection of the groom and one color for the love and affection of the bride. Different vessels of sand are prepared each with a different color. After the couple has exchanged their rings, they come together and pour the sand into a vase that has no color, and this symbolizes their unity s husband and wife. The pattern of the sand created by the color represents their newly formed union. The vessel with the colored sand is then emptied to show that marriage can contain all.

A sand wedding ceremony involves two families especially the grandparents. The grandparents have a role of blessing the union. Some people choose another color of sand to represent their families. The pattern that they create symbolizes the married couple and the union formed by their families. The sand can be stored for future as a reminder how the wedding ceremony was. It carries a lot of memories to the future. The sand will be a great reminder of your beloved parents and the love they demonstrated to you and your partner on your wedding day.

The wedding should be planned with a lot of keenness to have a smooth blending of the two families that are present. Supplies are available at Sandsational SparkleThe essentials that you need range from the sand, the vessel, the table and flowers for decorations should be purchased in advance. The vessels should have a cover. The couple should prepare in advance for the sand ceremony and practice to avoid messing up especially during the pouring of the sand. The wedding sand vessels will be stored after the ceremony for future reference. A sand ceremony offers a great opportunity for two families to meet and unit.

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